Lenovo touchpad buttons not working problem solution

Lenovo touchpad buttons not working problem solution: Hello to all my lenovo laptop user friends hope you all have a great day. Well today hear in this article we will discuss about a common issue that a lot of lenovo users are facing.

How to solve this problem

1. Restart your smartphone

This is the first thing that you should do sometimes we face the problem just because of some simple software glitch or ui failure and this can be easily solved just by restarting the smartphone. Before going to do anything in your smartphone do this thing first.

2. Make sure to update all your drivers

Go and check whether all your drivers are updated to latest version or not if its not then update it to the latest version this will solve your problem. You can download your drivers from here https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/in/en/.

3. Enable your touchpad

Sometimes this happens mistakenly we

  • Go to settings of your laptop.
  • Search for mouse settings and click on it.
  • Click on additional mouse options.
  • Now hear check if anything is disabled then enable it like your touch pad.

4. Check it by any professional

If you have done thousands of things but nothing has worked for you then this is the final thing that you can/ you should do. Find any authorised lenovo service center near your locality and check your laptop there. There maybe any hardware issue in your laptop so if you have tried a lot of things then in last checking the laptop in service care is a better idea.

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