How to fix lenovo laptop preparing automatic repair

How to fix lenovo laptop preparing automatic repair

How to fix a Lenovo laptop using automatic repair; Hello Lenovo users, if you are facing the problem of “Lenovo laptop preparing automatic repair,” then this article will help you learn about this problem, like why it happens and how you can solve it easily.

At first, I want to say that automatic repair is a window build feature. The feature is built to fix boot-related issues on your laptop, but sometimes this fails and the user just gets frustrated. In this case, the laptop will just reboot again and again, and as a result, your device will be stuck and you can’t access anything that’s on your laptop.

Why is my laptop saying preparing automatic repair?

To be honest, there are a lot of reasons why this could be happening to your Lenovo laptop, but the most common ones are hard drive problems and software malfunctions. This issue arises for two primary reasons.

How do I fix my Lenovo laptop preparing automatic repair?

Well to fix the problem there are a lot of methods but the methods i have mentioned these are well tested methods and a lot of user’s have seen results by applying these methods.


If your device contains any important documents, photos, files, or any other important data, then you should recover all your important data before attempting the steps.

How to fix lenovo laptop preparing automatic repair

Method 1.

To solve this issue, let’s start with the easiest and simplest method. In this method, all you have to do is “simply turn off your laptop” and unplug all external devices like a pendrive or CD if anything is connected or attached to your laptop.

Ways to turn-off the laptop if it is stucked

  • Simply Press and hold the power key for up to 20–30 seconds to perform a force reboot on your laptop.
  • If your laptop battery is removable, then remove it, and if the charger is plugged in with the laptop, then unplug it.
  • If your battery is non-removable, then follow the first trick.

And when this process will end restart your device again and check your problem will be solved.

Method 2.

In method 2 you have to do is

  • At first turn on your device then press the key “f2”.
  • After pressing the key you will see boot loop settings and if the “f2” doesn’t take you to the settings then press “f1” to go into boot settings.
  • Now just look at your data and time settings in BIOS if it is incorrect then connect it.
  • Correct all your BIOS by changing it.
  • After changing it save it and exit down and reboot your device.
  • Congratulations you have fixed your issue.

Method 3.

If method 3 doesn’t work then you can try the method 3 i this
method you have to do is “change your CMOS battery

  • Go to information in BIOS.
  • Then go to boot and change boot mode UEFI to Legacy support.
  • Incase if your laptop is on Legacy support then do the reverse change it to UEFI.
  • Go to security see “secure boot” if it is enabled then disable it.
  • Save it and exit down and reboot your device.
  • You will see magic your device will be normal again.

I’m hoping, that by now everyone has found a solution. All of the previously listed techniques have been thoroughly tested, and many people have had success using them to resolve their issues. I would want to inform consumers, that, if they tried these procedures without success and still unable to cure the issue, there is a problem with their operating system. You will be able to resolve the issue, if you perform a factory reset on your Laptop. If this also doesn’t work, then try to contact any authorised Lenovo service centre.

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  1. Lenovo windows 10 b4 aweek says repeatedly preparing automatically repair and as a chance one day when I tried it to open start to work with out any problems then after working for 3days once show me preparing automatically repair in and then unable to open totally only show me Lenovo then shutdown. Look my PC is direct please help what steps I have to pass through to make it functional. I am waiting your help

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