Redmi note 8 pro headphone jack problem solution

Redmi note 8 pro headphone jack problem solution

Redmi note 8 pro headphone jack problem solution: If you are facing headphone jack problem in your redmi note 8 pro smartphone then i am hear to help you. It’s really irritating when you plug your headphones/ earphone in your smartphone and when you play a song or video you hear no sound on your headphones/ earphone. If you are also facing similar type of problem then you have some issue in your headphone jack. Well don’t worry it’s too easy to solve it just read the whole article from starting to end without skipping any part and you will easily solve this problem.

Why this problem happens in our phone

  • Headphone jack problem – If you have inserted any unnecessary particle in your headphone jack like dirt/ dust, water molecules then you will see the problem. The particles dirt/ dust, sand or water molecules what ever it is, it will stuck inside your headphone jack and it will block the connection between headphone and headphone jack and this will create problem.
  • Washing the phone – Some people wash their phone for cleaning purpose which is too bad for the phone. If you have washed your phone then you may see the problem. If water molecules falls on your headphone jack then it will be stuck there.
  • Software failure/ operating system failure – Sometimes it happens due to software failure/ operating system failure also. But in this you don’t have to worry just switch off by pressing the power button and then click on power off and it will simply solve your problem.

How to fix redmi note 8 pro headphone jack problem

Switch off your device

Simply power off your phone by pressing power button and click on power off after it restart it again.

Restarting phone will fix software bugs – restarting phone refreshers the system software.

Clean your headphone jack

Switch off your device and take ear cleaner and put the ear cleaner inside the headphone jack and clean it.

90 percent of the users only face the issue because of headphone jack issue. So follow the trick carefully.

Change your headphone type

Go to settings then click on sound and vibration.

Then click on earphones.

After it put your headphone again and change headphone type in settings then remove your headphone again.

After it you will see magic happens it will solve your problem

Hard reset your device

Before going to this step make sure to backup your data else you will loose them in this method And make sure your phone is fully charged or not if it is not then charge it.

  • Click on menu.
  • Settings.
  • Then general settings.
  • Backup and reset.
  • Factory data reset.
  • Click on reset device.
  • Delete all.
  • Wait for few minutes and you are finished.

I hope now you have solved your problem if yes then cheers and if you are still facing the issue then you can comment below your problem and our team will definitely help you in solving your problem. Try to describe your problem properly in the comment so that it will be easy for our team to understand what problem you exactly facing. After it we will look into it and we will provide you the best solution which can solve your problem. If not then you can visit Xiaomi care near you for help.

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