Oppo a3s camera not working solution, fix it in 2 min

Oppo a3s camera not working solution, fix it in 2 min
Oppo a3s camera not working solution, fix it in 2 min

When you try to click a picture but your phone show’s you error its really irritating. Hello oppo smart phone user’s today we will talk about oppo a3s camera not working problem which a lot user’s complain it’s really easy to solve the problem read the whole article to fix the issue in this article i have mentioned why this problem happens and how to fix it easy?

How to fix oppo a3s camera not working

There are many ways in which you can fix the issue but the trick i am telling that’s the most effective one, many user’s have fixed their issue by this trick.

I hope this worked for you, if it doesn’t then don’t worry i have 2 more method to solve this problem.

  • Clear camera cache from app settings.
  • Click on camera then go to camera settings.
  • Click on restore default settings.
  • Switch off the device and restart it again.
  • Now you will never see the problem again.
  • Update your oppo device

How to update oppo a3s

  1. Before going to the step make sure your charge is above 50 percent.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Now tab on software update.
  4. Check whether your phone is updated vor not if it’s not then update it.
  • Factory reset your oppo device.

The last thing you can to fix the issue is factory reset.

Factory reset by software menu

  1. Turn on your device.
  2. Make sure the battery is not empty
  3. Backup all your important data’s, factory reset will erase all your data’s.
  4. Go to Menu : Setting
  5. Choose Tab : General
  6. Press Backup & Reset > Restore factory setting
  7. Better you not check anything at the option if you do not want to erase data at data partition at internal memory
  8. Choose Reset phone

Factory reset by phone keys

  1. Press Power Button to Turn off your device.
  2. Press Volume Down+Power Button For 10 to 15 Seconds.
  3. You will SeeRecovery mode on your mobile screen.
  4. Use Volume button select “recovery ” to confirm by pressing power button
  5. Select Wipe Data three times to confirm Power Button.
  6. After that Select Ok To Clear all your data to confirm press by the power button.
  7. After that Back to confirm it by the power button.
  8. From recovery mode select “reboot system”. It will Hard Reset your OPPO A3S Mobile

Why camera error happens

  • Third party apps – installation of third party apps having viruses and bug’s take control on your phone system and they will damage your phone system if you have downloaded any third party app/ camera app then uninstall it.
  • Damaged sd card – A damaged sd can also cause the issue if you have inserted any damaged sd card on your phone then remove it to fix the issue.
  • Low device storage, low ram – If your smartphone has low ram or low storage capacity then clear all the apps, file’s that you doesn’t use.
  • Internal damage in phone – Internal damage in any part of phone can also cause the issue.

I hope now you all have fixed your issue from the above mentioned if yes then be sure to subscribe our website for our latest updates. And if you are still facing any problem then you can contact our team by commenting below our team will surely reply you and we will try our best to fix your issue or you can contact oppo care for help.

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