How to fix lenovo k8 plus network problem

Hello to all my lenovo smartphone user friends hope you all are doing well. Today we will discuss about network issues that lenovo users are facing in their lenovo k8 device. Although lenovo smartphone is pretty good and the model lenovo k8 is also one of the finest mode, like its built quality and processor are too good but as like other smartphones it has some problems also like other smartphones it has some problems also. Like battery draining issue, hanging issue, network issues and a lot of problem. Well in this network problem issue you don’t have to worry about it. You can fix this issue easily just by following some simple steps. Read the article carefully and follow the the steps which are mentioned and it you will fix this issue easily.

How to fix it

  • Turn on your lenovo k8 smartphone.
  • Go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Now click on network and internet.
  • Now click on mobile network.
  • Now click on acess point names.
  • Now click on your network and select apn roaming protocol and click on ipv4/ ipv6.
  • Now click on the three dots which is in the top and select save to save it.

If this doesn’t work then follow a another trick this will fix your issue

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on more.
  • Click on network settings resert.
  • Click on reset settings to accept.
  • Now restart your phone and you will see your problem will be solved.

Hope you liked the article and you have successfully solved your problem. In case if someone is there who is still facing the problem then I recommend you to please check your phone in any lenovo authorised service care there may be any hardware related issue and that’s why you are facing the problem. So checking it in care is a better idea.

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