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Lenovo tab m10 charging problem solution

    Lenovo tab m10 charging problem solution

    Lenovo tab m10 charging problem solution: Hello to all my lenovo tab m10 user friends, hope you all are doing good in your life. Well today hear in this article we will discuss about how you can solve your lenovo tab m10 charging problem. Hear below i have mentioned 4 tricks which you can try and after trying this, you will definitely solve your problem.

    How to fix lenovo tab m10 charging problem

    Check your charging cable

    This is the first thing that every user should do who is facing the problem. Most of the time when our smartphone charging cable gets very old it’s starting giving problems and sometimes it doesn’t work also.

    Check your power adapter

    If your charging cable is all ok then check your power adapter if it has any problems in it then replace it with a new and original one, you can just purchase it from amazon.

    Check your charging port

    Take a stray and put it into your tablet charging port and gently clean it the way it will not damage anything. Sometimes some unpleasant particles like dart and dust stuck there in your tablet charging port and this create problem in connecting your charging cable with the charging port. If you will just remove the unwanted particles by cleaning the charging port properly your charging problem will be solved.

    Replace your charging port

    If you have done thousands of things but non of them work then most probably you have problem in your charging port. I suggest visit any authorised lenovo service care near your locality and check your tab there. They will replace your charging port and after it your problem will be solved.

    Incase if anyone have any quary about this problem then you can just comment below our team will definitely help you.

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