How to fix huawei p30 lite water damage in 2min

how to fix huawei p30 lite water damage

How to fix huawei p30 lite water damage: If you have dropped your phone in water then the water molecules must went inside your phone circuit and they will damage the circuit and your phone won’t turn on. Hi there iam shrey today we will discuss about how we can fix huawei p30 lite water damage problem in this article i have mentioned why this problem happens to how to fix this problem read the whole article from starting to end and after it you will easily fix your water damaged phone.

Why water damages our phone

Well it’s really easy to answer we all know water is a good conductor of electricity so when water goes inside the phone circuit it joints all the connections in our phone circuit and this causes short circuit inside our phone.

Things to do first before going to the solution

  • When your phone is in contact of water immediately switch off your phone and don’t try to turn on it again.
  • After you switch off your phone remove your sim from your phone.
  • Your phone is in wet condition so don’t try to charge it.
  • Don’t use hairdryer to dry your phone it can spread the water in all across inside the phone circuit.

How to fix huawei p30 lite water damage problem

how to fix huawei p30 lite water damage
how to fix huawei p30 lite water damage

Now let’s come on our main topic how we can fix it,


  1. Take a dry cotton cloth and clean the outer part of phone.
  2. Take silica gel it is an amorphous and porous form of silicon dioxide, pick a beaker and filled it with the silica gel and after it bury your phone on it and wait for 24 to 48 hours, it will dry your phone and if you don’t have silica gel you can do it with rice also but it will take more time.
  3. Now restart your phone again and you will see your phone will start working again.


If you think this is so much time taking process then you can dry your phone in sunlight also. Just keep the thing in mind that the temperature should be mild and don’t let it be there in sunlight for hours and hours of time it can damage your phone battery and circuit components also.

I hope now you all have solved your huawei p30 lite water damage problem. If yes then congratulations and if you are still facing the problem then don’t worry you have to work little bit more but your problem will be solved. Kindly visit any authorised huawei care near your location they will help you in removing the water from your phone they will clean your phone and after it your problem will be solved.

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