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Asus vivobook not charging problem solution

    Asus vivobook not charging problem solution

    Asus vivobook not charging problem solution: you are using your laptop from a long time and nothing happens but suddenly one day you see your laptop stopped charging. Well i can just imagine your situation but you don’t have to worry. Not only asus vivobook if you are using any asus laptop then also these solutions will help you in solving the problem. Hear below we have mentioned some easy solutions of this problem. Try each and everyone until you solve this problem.

    How to solve asus vivobook not charging problem

    Check your charging adapter

    Many time this happens when our charging cable gets old or if there is any damage in the cable then no doubt it will not work properly.

    Remove your laptop battery and put it back

    This is weird but many time this works also. Remove your laptop battery from your laptop and put it back again and check whether your problem is solved or not. What happens exactly is sometimes we place our laptop battery in a wrong way or if you have dropped your laptop somewhere then your laptop must have slipped form its pace and it has chance that any of its connection has loosed from the laptop and that the reason why you are facing the problem.

    Uninstall the drivers

    • Go to windows.
    • Search for device manager and click on it.
    • Hear select battery.
    • Now you will see two drivers there what you have to do is uninstall both of these.
    • After doing it simply restart your laptop, when your laptop will restart it will automatically install the drivers back.
    • Now after restarting you will see your problem will be solved.

    Hard reset your laptop

    • Plug your charger to your laptop.
    • Now press and hold the power button of your laptop for nearly 30 – 40 seconds.
    • Now your laptop will reset and after it your problem will be solved

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