Redmi note 7s camera problem solution

Redmi note 7s camera problem solution

Redmi note 7s camera problem solution: Hello to all my redmi note 7s users hope you all are doing well. Today we will discuss about camera issue, if you are facing issues like can’t connect to camera, camera failed or any type of camera related issue in your redmi note 7s smartphone then read the article. Mostly the average percent of people face the camera issue is because of software issues and the others face the issue because of hardware issues. If you are facing the issue because of software problem which the average user’s face then you don’t need to worry about it. The software issues can be easily fixed just by following some easy tricks, which i have mentioned below. Where if you have hardware related problem then you have to check your phone in any xiaomi care.

Learn how to fix it

To fix the issue there are a lot of tricks try each and everyone one-by-one until you fix the issue.

Reset your camera settings

  • Go to settings of your phone.
  • Then click on apps.
  • Select system app settings.
  • Select camera.
  • Scroll down and click on restore default settings and ok it.

Clear data of your camera

  • Go to settings of your phone.
  • Then click on apps.
  • Then select manage apps.
  • Scroll down and select camera.
  • Click on clear data and select clear all data and ok it.

Force stop your camera

  • Go to settings of your phone.
  • Then click on apps.
  • Then select manage apps.
  • Scroll down and select camera.
  • Click on force stop and ok it.

Update your phone

If you have tried all the three tricks which are above but none of them work, then you can try this when you will update your phone it will fix all your software problems which you face in previous.

  • Go to settings of your phone.
  • Click on about phone.
  • Click on system update.
  • Now click on download update.

Hope this article has helped you in fixing your camera issue and if doesn’t then i suggest you one more thing that is factory reset if this also doesn’t work. Then you have to take support from xiaomi care your phone may have any hardware related issue on it.

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