Nokia 6.1 plus speaker problem after 10 update solution

Nokia 6.1 plus speaker problem after 10 update solution: Hello to all my nokia smartphone users. Hope you all are doing well. Today we will discuss about speaker problem which a lot of nokia smartphone user’s are facing after updating their smartphone. If you are also facing the issue and you don’t know what do next then don’t worry i am hear to help you. Well its hard to tell why you are facing the problem, some user’s face the problem because of software problem, where some users face the problem because of hardware related issue.

In hardware issue i can’t help you but if it’s happening because of any software error then i can definitely help you. You are facing the problem after updating the software, so more chances is that you have software problem. In the nokia recent android 10 update there are a lot of bug’s and problems like app crashing, crackling sound in whatsapp call, speaker problem. Nokia will fix all these problems in next update but currently you have to deal with it for some short time period. Well the sound problem happens because of a bug in system to fix it you have to follow some steps which are written below.

Learn how to fix nokia 6.1 plus speaker problem

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on app’s and notifications then select app info.
  • Click on the three dots and select show system.
  • Scroll down and search system ui and select it.
  • Now force stop the system ui.
  • Now, restart your smartphone and you will see your problem will be fixed.

Hope this trick has helped you in fixing your sound problem. If yes then congratulations and if you haven’t solved your problem then i recommend you to please visit any nokia service care near you. It may be because of any hardware problem or any other software problem.

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