Realme 7 pro fingerprint problem solution

Realme 7 pro fingerprint problem solution

Solution for fingerprint issue on Realme 7 Pro: If your realme 7 pro smartphone is giving you problems with your fingerprint, read this article through from beginning to end. It will undoubtedly help you find a solution. Greetings to all my friends who use realme smartphones; I hope you’re all doing well. Today, we’ll talk about the fingerprint sensor issue that a lot of people are having with their realme smartphones after updating them. When you try to unlock your phone and your fingerprint sensor isn’t working at the moment, it’s literally too annoying. Don’t worry, it’s just a straightforward software issue that is simple to resolve. I’ve already covered the quickest and most straightforward solution to this issue in this post. Try it out.

How to fix it

  • Open the Settings of your realme 7 pro smartphone.
  • Scroll down and click on Fingerprint, Face and Password.
  • Now click on Fingerprint.
  • Input your password.
  • Now delete the Fingerprints which are added.
  • Now click on add Fingerprint.
  • Insert a new fresh Fingerprint and your issue will be solved.

The majority of fingerprint issues are caused by corrupted fingerprints. If you haven’t inserted your fingerprint in a while, there’s a chance that the data is corrupted and your phone is having issues reading it. Your smartphone can read fingerprints more easily when you provide it with a fresh set. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to get a new fingerprint sensor, which you can get from any authorised realme service centre.

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