Realme 7 pro fingerprint problem solution

Realme 7 pro fingerprint problem solution

Realme 6 pro fingerprint problem solution: Are you facing fingerprint problem in your realme 7 pro smartphone if yes then read the article carefully from starting to end this article will definitely help you to solve this problem. Hello to all my realme smartphone user friends hope you all are doing well. Today we will discuss about fingerprint sensor problem which many users are facing in their realme smartphone after updating their device. Literally its too irritating when try to unlock your phone but your fingerprint sensor doesn’t work at the time. Well don’t worry it’s just a simple software problem and you can fix it easily. Hear in this article i have mentioned the easiest and the simplest solution of this problem. Try it this will definitely solve your issue.

How to fix it

  • Open settings of your realme 6 pro smartphone.
  • Scroll down and click on fingerprint, face and password.
  • Now click on fingerprint.
  • Input your password.
  • Now delete the fingerprints which are added.
  • Now click on add fingerprint.
  • Insert a new fresh fingerprint and your issue will be solved.

Mostly people face the fingerprint issue because of corrupted fingerprint. If you have inserted a fingerprint from a long time then it’s data maybe corrupted and your phone face problem it read it. When you give a new fingerprint to your smartphone it makes your smartphone easy to read. If this doesn’t doesn’t work then you have to replace your fingerprint sensor with a new one which you can do in any authorised realme service center.

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