Learn how to fix moto g5 plus battery drain fast problem

Learn how to fix moto g5 plus battery drain fast problem
Learn how to fix moto g5 plus battery drain fast problem

This post was published on 16 september 2021
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Are facing battery draining issue in your moto g5 smartphone if yes then read the article, this article will definitely help in fixing your problem. The battery draining issue is one of the most common issue that a lot of users face when their phone become old. Well there is no key to fix the issue but you can do some simple things which not solve the battery draining issue it will improve your battery health also. Read the article hear you will find a list tricks which will help you in fixing this issue.

Learn how to fix moto g5 plus batterydrain fast problem

Disable your wifi, bluetooth and gps

You have never observed but things like wifi, bluetooth and gps consumes your battery power without letting you know when they are running on your background. Use these features only when it is necessary otherwise keep it turned off.

Change your phone wallpaper

A fancy and beautiful wallpaper consume a lot of battery. We all know that a fancy and beautiful wallpaper helps our phone to look good but its also not false that these wallpaper bright our screen too much and this consumer a lot of battery power. Use a black wallpaper and see the difference it make in your battery life.

Use lite version of social media apps

We can’t deny that social media apps are the battery eaters of smartphone these apps always show notifications 24*7 in our smartphone. Use lite version of social media apps and turn off the notifications and you will see this will save a lot of battery power of your smartphone.

Factory reset your phone

If you haven’t reserted your phone from a long time then your phone must have filled with cache files and bug files. Factory reset your phone this will delete all your unwanted files and this will help your phone to improve battery life.

Change the battery

If you have done everything but nothing has worked for you then this is the last thing that you can do this will fix your issue hundred percent. You have done everything but nothing worked, this simply means you have problem in your battery. Change the battery buy a new battery from amazon and replace it with the old one you will see your problem will be solved.

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