My dell inspiron laptop won’t turn on, Dell inspiron won’t turn on SOLUTION

My dell inspiron laptop won't turn on, Dell inspiron won t turn on SOLUTION

My dell inspiron laptop won’t turn on, Dell inspiron won t turn on SOLUTION: You are working on your laptop and your laptop work all fine. Suddenly one day you saw your laptop doesn’t turn you pressing the power button but your laptop is not responding. I can imagine how irritating and scary it is to see such type of problem. Hay there hello to all my dell smartphone users expecting you that you all are good. Today here in this article we will discuss about how you can solve your dell inspiron laptop won’t turn on/ not turning on.

How to fix dell inspiron laptop won’t turn on

Remove external device

If anything like pendrive, cd/ dvd, keyboard, mouse or any type of external device is connected with your laptop then remove it and try to turn on your laptop again. If you have installed any faulty or corrupted external device then most probably this is the thing which is blocking your laptop from turning on.

Hard reset your laptop

  • Remove the charger if it is connected with your dell inspiron laptop.
  • Now remove the battery of your laptop.
  • Wait for some minutes, You can click the power button again 2 – 3 times also so that if any power will be present in the laptop after removing the battery then it will be also drain.
  • Now put the charger in your laptop and after it press the power button again in this time you will see your problem will be solved.
  • After it you can put back your battery in your laptop and charge it for 2 – 3 hours and use it it run as like normally again.

Use a different monitor

Sometimes what happens is due to any physical damage physical damage like water damage or any damage done by user by any drop. What happens is if your lcd is totally damaged, It has crack on it or if the display flex cable is damaged due to water damage or anything else. In this issue also you will see this problem. What you can do to check it is connect your laptop with any monitor if you don’t have a monitor then you can do it with your tv also. You have to use a vga cable which will connect your laptop to monitor.

Battery issues

If you have seen any problem with your battery in previous and if your battery is dead there also you will see this issue. From the second solution you can identify this issue easily. Remove the battery and use your laptop by connecting the charging cable, Your laptop will run in the ac current. If it working but when you put your battery there in your laptop it doesn’t work then there is chances that your battery is faulty. Replace it with a original dell battery according to your model it will solve your problem.

Motherboard problem

If you hear beep sound from your laptop then it indicates that there is any problem in your laptop motherboard board. Hear you you will see error code also which will tell you what problem you have. (Error Codes on Dell Commercial and Consumer products) you can take help of this article to identify the code and the issue.

Take it to service centre

If you have just done thousand of things but none of them work then there is a high level chance that there is any critical problem in your laptop. Could be hardware like hard disk failure, short in motherboard problems like this. To solve this we recommend you to visit any authorised dell service centre near your locality and check the laptop there. If you have warranty then you can just do your in free of cost also if there will be no physical damage.

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