Moto e4 plus automatic switch off problem solution

Moto e4 plus automatic switch off problem solution: when you turn on your smart phone and you start doing a task and suddenly your phone turns off by itself. Its really frustrating when you see such type of issue in your smart phone. Well don’t worry i am hear to help you in this problem, just read the article carefully from starting to end, and after it am 100 percent sure that you will solve this issue.

Why this problem happens

  • Software glitch.
  • Third party app’s.
  • Stuck of power button.
  • Bad battery.

How to fix the issue

1. Delete third party app’s

Many third-party app’s contains virus and bugs which damage the phone system,so better you should uninstall those apps.

2. Reboot your smart phone

The second thing you should do to fix the is issue is, do a soft reboot in your smart phone. If there will be any software glitch of system bug then it will fix it.

3. Check your power button

If your power button is stucked due to some reasons then you may see the issue. Press the power button continuously 10 to 20 time’s so that if it is stucked then it will release.

4. Change your smart phone battery

More than 90 percent of users just face the issue because of battery. If the first three tricks won’t work for you, then you probably have the battery issue in your smart phone. To fix the issue you have to replace phone your battery which you can buy from amazon and you can replace your old battery to the new one or you can give it to any motorola service center near you.

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