How to fix lg stylo 4 charging port problem

How to fix lg stylo 4 charging port problem

How to fix lg stylo 4 charging port problem: Do want to fix your lg stylo 4 charging port problenm if yes then read the article. The charging problem is one the most frustrating problem, those who face the issue they know how it feels. When you have a important work so turn on your phone but you see your battery is zero so you put it on charging and you see your phone won’t charge and you have problem in your charging port it’s really irritating.
Well don’t worry i have its solution to fix this issue you can do two things. First clean the charging port which i have mentioned below and the second is replace your phone charging port in any service care.

How to fix lg stylo 4 charging port problem

Most of the time when we see charging issues in our smartphone we think that our charging port is damaged but sometime it happens because of carbon also. When carbon stuck in your charging port it create difficulty for your phone to get power supply from the charger to fix this issue you have to clean your charging port. Take a dry brush and sock it in petrol or isopropyl alcohol after it take a torch this will help your eye to see in the charging port.
Now insert the brush in the charging port clean it slowly just like it will not damage the charging port. When this process will end don’t change the phone immediately let it be as it is and give some time to dry it after it your can change your phone again and you will see your problem will be solved.

Hope this article has helped you in fixing your issue and incase. If anyone is still facing the problem thenI recommend you to please replace your charging port in any authorised sony service care near you. If this doesn’t work then it’s sure that your phone charging port is damaged it need to be replaced.

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