How to fix black spots on phone screen

Watching a black spot on your smartphone can be really annoying and frustrating. Well, what can a user do in this type of situation? We all love our smartphones, especially when they are new or we have used them for less than a year. But after using our smartphone for a long time, we take very little care of it. Even so, I have seen many users there who use their smartphones in a very rough way, and as a result, they see issues in their smartphones physical views like scratches, dents, and sometimes screen damage, black spots on the screen, etc. There is another category of people who also take care of their smartphones properly, but because of any awkward situation, they drop their smartphone, and there they see the issue. Well, whatever it is, we have to solve our smartphone issue anyway to get relief from this problem.

In this article, I have written everything about this problem, from causes to solutions. Read carefully the whole article; this will definitely be informative for you, and this will help you solve this problem whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user.

What causes black spots on phone screen?

Here are some reasons behind the black spot on the phone screen problem.

1) Broken screen

How to fix black spots on phone screen

If you have dropped your phone somewhere and if anything hits the screen badly, then this black spot problem will happen. Most people see the black spot on the corner of their smartphone because, when the smartphone falls, it hits the corner side. What I have seen is that most people who face the black spot problem then see it because of this reason.

2) Heating issue

This is very rare, but it happens to some users. Recently, I saw one user who came to me for repair with the black spot issue. What he did was put the smartphone in a heated pan mistakenly while cooking, and as a result, the pixels of the smartphone display got damaged. The spot that got heated because of the pan turned into a black spot. In this issue, either your screen turns to a light yellow or black spot, and around it is a light yellow.

How to fix black spots on phone screen

3) Liquid damage

It’s also one of the rare cases, but yes, it happens. If you put any heated liquid like tea or coffee on your smartphone screen and you don’t clean it, if it stays for some time, then it will also create a back spot on the surface as the display pixels will get damaged. I have seen this issue with one of my customers; her baby mistakably, while crawling, spread extremely hot tea on the smartphone display, and after a few hours, when the lady came home, she saw the black spot on the phone. She was lucky that nothing happened to her baby.

4) Change of smartphone display

How to fix black spots on phone screen

If you have changed your smartphone’s display in any unauthorised service centre and the repairer didn’t paste the LCD panel properly, then there is a problem. In this, you will see a black spot like a bubble that you can move because of the air that is present inside the display. The solution to this problem is written below; you have to follow it to solve it.

How do I fix a black spot on my phone screen?

To fix it, I will give you three solutions to your black spot problem. If it solves your problem, then it’s good and fine, and if it doesn’t, then, sorry to say, replacement of the screen is the only solution to this problem.

Preform a force reboot in your smartphone

At the beginning, you should try this; if there is anything wrong with the smartphone software, it will be solved.

  1. Press and hold the POWER KEY with VOLUME UP KEY ( This KEY used in most of the android smartphone if it doesn’t work in your smartphone then your try POWER KEY + VOLUME DOWN KEY.
  2. Keep holding then and when you see your smartphone company logo appearing on your smartphone screen release both of then.
  3. Now wait your smartphone will restart after it check whether it solve your problem or not.
  4. For simple software glitch problems this is the best solution.

If you are using a Iphone then follow it Force restart iPhone

Try to move the black spot

How to fix black spots on phone screen

If you see the black spot moving, then slowly take the black spot to the corner of your smartphone display and remove it. Do it very carefully; applying heavy pressure can also create more problems. This thing mostly happens with display-changed smartphones when air is present inside the smartphone display.

Run some videos that can repair your smartphone dead pixel

Can we give life to a dead pixel again? Yes, in some cases, I have seen people solve their problems by doing this, even I have done it with many smartphones. The idea behind it is that you will make the frozen pixels run again. When several colours run randomly on your smartphone screen with a speed this help the pixels to blink again and this will solve your problem. Even there is a website called JScreenFIx also which solve pixel problem you can take help of it also.

How to fix black spots on phone screen

Can you fix a bleeding phone screen?

Check if these can move, then take them out to a corner and remove them. If they are not going away from their place, then please don’t mess up with your smartphone. Giving it pressure can increase the dead pixels as it will also affect its side area.

Do dead pixels go away?

Do dead pixels go away?

Yes if it’s because of the air present in between the touch and LCD panel only if this is the issue. These type of issue can be solved or you can minimise black spot. Other issues like broken display or burned display its’s very hard to bring life back to those dead pixels

Can dead pixels be repaired?

In some cases, it can be yes, and in some cases, no. You can’t fix it; the only way to solve this problem is replacement. As I have mentioned above, to fix it, the pixels must work again. How you can do it: run multiple colours on your screen frequently. In some cases, I have seen this bring life to dead pixels.

Why does LCD turn black?

Why does LCD turn black?

When any pressure or heat is applied to your smartphone’s display, its pixels get damaged, and when they don’t work, your smartphone’s affected part turns black.

Black spot in corner of phone

Black spot in corner of phone, Black spot in corner of iphone
How to fix black spots on phone screen

This is because of physical damage. Check the solutions above and apply them. If it works, then good, and if not, then you have to change the display. In physical damage, the black spot spreads; you will see that after some months, the black spot will become bigger. If the black spot is small and you have any budget issues, then you can wait. I told them they increased and speared, but then it happened slowly. Maybe it will take 1-2 months to cover the whole corner of your smartphone screen, and you have that much time to fix it.

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