Straight talk phone activated but no service problem solution

Straight talk phone activated but no service

Hay there, if you have installed Straight Talk SIM in your smartphone and you are facing any kind of issue like no service, no signal, or such type of problems, then this article will be informative for you. Recently, from some forums, I came to know that many people are facing issues with Straight Talk Sim, so I decided to help all of the users who are using Straight Talk Sim in their smartphones.


Restart your smartphone: This will be the first solution that you should try at the beginning; sometimes this also works. If it works, then you don’t need to proceed with any other solution.


Check whether you have inserted your SIM properly or not: Sometimes we make simple mistakes. Check whether you have inserted your SIM properly or not. If it’s not properly inserted, correct it, and your problem will be solved.


Delete third part app: If you have recently downloaded any kind of third part app in your smartphone then uninstall it. These third part app ask you several permissions and without reading it you accept it. What they do is they create problem in your smartphone ui like they will run thousands of unnecessary ads and sometimes they take control in your smartphone. These third party apps are really so dangerous uninstall then as soon as possible.


Perform a force reboot in your smartphone:

  • Press and hold the Power button of your smartphone along with Volume Up button.
  • Now when you see your smartphone company logo start appearing on your smartphone screen at that time release both of these buttons.
  • Now your smartphone will reboot after it check again and check whether your problem is solved or not.


If none of these solutions worked for you then the last thing that you can do is contact with your sim provider company. Sometimes everything was fine from our side there is problem with the company, In this case you have to contact their Customer Care Center 1-877-430 it’s the number of Straight talk. You can contact them and tell about your problem and they will solve your problem.

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