Moto x4 automatic switch off problem solution

Moto x4 automatic switch off problem solution: Hello to all my motorola smartphone user friends hope you all are doing well in your life. Today we will discuss about moto x4 automatic switch off problem. When you are using your smartphone and you are on a task like when you are playing games or when you are stream or whatever task you are doing on your smartphone and suddenly your smartphone switch off without any reason. This can really irritate you a lot.

Even some users face issue like this when you power on your phone again after the automatic system switch off, you see the automatic switch off problem again and your phone just restart even for hours and hours. This can really spoil any user mood who is facing the problem, just like you can’t do any task in your phone if you are facing the problem. Well don’t worry i am hear to help you in this problem, hear in this article you will find the solution of this problem. Just read the article properly and follow all the instructions and after it you will fix the issue completely.

Reasons behind the problem

  • Software problem.
  • Battery problem.
  • Motherboard issue.

These are the three reasons which causes the problem in your smartphone.

How to fix it


If you are facing the problem because of software issue then you just fix it easily. You just have to do is first factory reset your smartphone then update your smartphone software this will fix your issue.


Battery problem, almost more then average people who are facing the problem they are facing the problem because of their damaged battery. Buy a new battery from amazon and replace your old battery with a new one and your issue will be fixed.


This is very rare but if you have updated your smartphone, changed the battery but you are still facing the problem, then you have problem in your phone motherboard. I don’t recommend you to fix it in your home. Visit any authorised motorola service centre near your locality and repair your phone there.

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