Iphone 6 battery draining fast suddenly, Iphone 6 battery problem

Iphone 6 battery draining fast suddenly, Iphone 6 battery problem: Hello to all my ios user hope you all have a great day. In recent days there are so many people there who are facing battery draining issue in their Ipad pro 2018 model. Even in our mail we receive thousands of mail about the battery draining issue. Although apple ipad batteries are good whether it’s in built quality or backup but sometimes problem arriver due to any fault in software or hardware.

How to fix iphone 6 battery problem

Reboot your smartphone

  • Press the volume up button once then press the volume down button once.
  • Now hold the power button until the screen will be gone.
  • Hear your smartphone will start performing force reboot.
  • You will see the apple logo on your smartphone hear you have to wait and your smartphone will be back to normal again and your problem will be solved.

Use dark mode

Believe it a dark mode theme and a dark wallpaper will save a lot of battery power. You can just switch your smartphone into dark mode and you can use and dark wallpaper and you will see the result.

Turn off location

Gps system is one of the function which consume a lot of battery power of your smartphone. You use your location service only when it is required turn off it when there is no need.

Turn off icloud service

You may don’t have any idea but cloud service use internet for taking backup of all your smartphone data and it requires a lot of power. What i suggest you turn of it and you can just backup your iphone data once in a month and between 2 – 3 months.

Use battery saver

Last but not least use battery saver it will stop all the unnecessary stuffs going on your smartphone background and it will save your smartphone battery.

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