How to fix lg k51 black screen/ black screen of death

How to fix lg k51 black screen/ black screen of death: Hello to all my lg smartphone user friends hope you all are doing well in your life. Today we will discuss about black screen\ black screen of death issues which many users are facing. If you are also facing the problem in your lg k51 smartphone and you are stucked on it then please read the article carefully this will definitely help you in solving this problem. People face the issue because of two reasons at first because of software problems which can be solved easily and the second reason is hardware problem like damage in phone lcd panel. Well if you are facing this issue because of software problems then this article will definitely help you in this. Hear in this article i have written how to solve this problem by force reboot which you can try and this will fix your issue.

How to fix it

  • Press and hold the power button + volume down button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • When you see the lg logo appertaining on your screen release both the buttons power button and the volume down button.
  • Now your phone will perform force reboot.
  • When this process will end you will see your phone has turned to normal again.

Hope you have liked the article and this has helped you in solving this problem and if anyone is there who is still facing the problem after following this trick also. Then i suggest you to to please check your phone in any lg authorised service centere. There may be any hardware related issue in your smartphone as i told earlier like problem in lcd panel, loose cable of lcd panel, battery problems thing like this. If you have hardware problem then this trick won’t work, so checking it in service centre is a better idea.

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  1. Brother if your screen doesn’t turn on even after hours and hours then there maybe any issue in your battery can you please describe your problem briefly we will love to help you.

  2. My LG k51. Had a cracked screen which I replaced once before. This time when I replaced the screen I ordered a screen with frame. All I needed to do was switch my various parts from old phone to new one.
    I successfully removed everything. Except at last minute I realized I needed my buttons and the little ribbon cables that operate phone from push of buttons.

    Well I ended up good on the volume side with 3 buttons but the power button ribbon cable tore a bit. So I had to order new ribbon cable I got that today and I also purchased a new battery

    When I push power button. Nothing happens.
    When I plug in power cord to phone I get the power light ony phone at top so it is charging the new battery.
    I have even tried old battery and old screen that was cracked but I cannot even get that screen to light up.

    Is my phone in dead screeode …what’s going on any idea plz help.

    • Thanks for your patience, brother if you are in this situation then it’s better to go for any service center. As i read your problem i think you probably have any issue with your motherboard or your volume button, power button any button is damaged.

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