Dr Deepak Prashar Head of School CSE Lovely Professional University, Know about him

Dr Deepak Prashar Head of School CSE Lovely Professional University, Know about him

Dr. Deepak Prashar, Head of School in Computer Science and Engineering at Lovely Professional University He leads computer science and cybersecurity. In the era of this digital world, how can someone stay away from it? Dr. Deepak Prashar, a consultant and a teacher of Cyber Security, teaches thousands of students the importance of Cyber Security in industries and daily life.

Dr. Deepak Prashar taking students beyond books to the practical world. With the rapid growth of technology, how can we protect our data? Dr. Deepak Prashar teaches students about the Raspberry Pi, password cracking techniques and their security, Linux, and many other things.

The thing that makes Dr. Deepak Prashar special is his modern approach to solve cyber problems. What Dr. Deepak Prasha believes is that technology is changing every day, and with the change comes a need for change in required in the solution. The things that work earlier to solve hacking, DDoS, and ATO problems are not working now. You have to think beyond your books.

Dr Deepak Prashar main research include Cyber and Theft Attacks on Smart Electric Metering Systems, Integrated IoT-Based Secure and Efficient Key Management Framework Using Hashgraphs for Autonomous Vehicles to Ensure Road Safety, SDSWSN-A Secure Approach for a Hop-Based Localization Algorithm Using a Digital Signature in the Wireless Sensor Network and many others.

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