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Sony xperia xz2 charging problem easy solution

    Sony xperia xz2 charging problem easy solution

    Hello to all my sony smartphone user friends hope you all are doing well in your life. Today hear in this article we will discuss about sony xperia xz2 charging problem. If you are also facing charging problem in your sony xperia xz2 smartphone then read the article. This will definitely help in this will fix your issue. Hear in this article we have mentioned 4 tricks to solve this problem. Identified the cause of your problem and follow the trick and after it you will successfully fix your issue.

    Change your charging cable

    A fault/ bad usb cable can slow down your charging speed. Many people never replace their old charging cable even when it is damaged also, they use one cable years and years.

    Clean your charging port

    If your charging cable and charging adopter works fine but then also you face the issue that means you may have some problem in your charging port. In most of the case’s people face the issue because of the dirts which stuck inside the port. To fix this you have clean it with the help of a ear cleaner. Just put the ear cleaner inside the charging port and rotate it slowly just like it doesn’t damage charging port and it will do your work.

    Bad battery

    If your smart phone battery is too weak, or old then you have to replace it. Search online and see battery according to your phone model which will be comfortable for your phone.

    Background app’s

    If your smart phone is running multiple numbers of tabs in your smart phone backgrounds then it may decrease your charging speed these background app’s consume a lot power.

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