Sony xperia 5 ii bluetooth problem solution

Sony xperia 5 ii bluetooth problem solution: Are you facing bluetooth problem in your sony cperia xz1 smartphone if yes then read the article this article will definitely help you in fixing your issue. Hello to all my sony xperia 5 ii smartphone user friends hope you all are doing well in your life. Today hear in this article we will discuss about sony xperia ii bluetooth problem. If you are also facing the problem in your sony xperia 5 ii smartphone then read the article.

Like other features bluetooth is also one of important feature in your smartphone if it will doesn’t work then we have to face problems in file sharing or photos and videos sharing. A lot of people doesn’t like third party app and they never use these app for file sharing. So for them they are totally dependent on their phone bluetooth. It very difficult for them if ther phone bluetooth stop working. Well don’t i am hear to help you am hundred percent sure that after reading the article you will fix your issue completely. Hear in this article i have mentioned one easy tricks which you can try and this will fix your issue hundred percent.

Learn how to fix sony xperia 5 ii bluetooth problem

  • Turn on your sony xperia 5 ii smartphone.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on Application Manager.
  • Display All Tabs by swiping either right or left.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • Select to stop it forcefully and after it clear the cache and data.
  • Now restart your smartphone.

Hope now you have solved your problem and if it doesn’t work then i recommend you to factory reset your smartphone and if this also doesn’t doesn’t work. Then you have to take help from your local sony service center. There maybe any hardware issue in your smartphone and that why you are facing the problem.

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