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Sony bravia black screen problem solution

    Sony bravia black screen problem solution: Hello sony tv users hope you all are good, Well if your lg tv turns black but if it’s still producing sound then this indicates that there is any problem in your tv video signal. Well don’t worry we are here only for you we will help you in solving your Problem. What you have to do is please read the whole article carefully from starting to end and after it you will be easily able to solve this problem by your own.

    How to solve sony tv black screen problem

    Check your tv cable’s

    This is the first thing that you should do, Most of the time this problem happens with many users generally what happens if any cable is loose, defective or unplugged then in this case your tv will not display any picture.

    Restart your tv

    Sometimes this also solve this problem, Unplug your tv power cable from the main board and replug it again and after it check again.

    Turn on your tv using tv buttons

    Turn on your sony tv using your tv buttons, Don’t use your tv remote when your device turn on try clicking any buttons like volume up or down. If it works then it’s good and if it doesn’t then your tv need service.

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