Redmi Note 3 headphone symbol problem solution

Redmi Note 3 headphone symbol problem solution

Redmi Note 3 headphone symbol problem solution: Are you a redmi smartphone user and you are facing headphone symbol stuck problem in your redmi note 3 smartphone and you don’t know what to do and how to solve this problem. If yes then you are in the correct place. Hear in this article we are going to discuss about how you can solve your redmi note 3 headphone symbol stuck problem.

Reason behind the problem

  • Hardware issue – Sometimes water molecules or dirt/ dust such type of particles stuck inside our smartphone headphone jack and they create the problem.
  • Software issue – If you have connected your headphone jack with your smartphone and suddenly you unplug it and your smartphone can’t detect it due to any problem then your smartphone consider that your headphone is still connected with your smartphone even if its not connected.

How can we solve it

If you are facing this problem because of hardware issues

Take a small brush or you can take a ear cleaner and gently put it inside your smartphone headphone jack and slowly rotate it the way it will not damage anything but it will clean your smartphone headphone jack. After it put your headphone back and unplug it again and your problem will be solved.

If you are facing the problem because of software problem

If it’s due to software problem then try force reboot it will solve your problem

  • At first press and hold the power button with volume up button for 10 to 15 seconds until you see the xiaomi company logo start appearing on your smartphone screen.
  • When you see the xiaomi company logo appearing on your smartphone screen release both the buttons.
  • Now your smartphone will perform force reboot and when this process will end your smartphone problem will be solved.

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