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Realme x7 max heating issue solution

    Realme x7 max heating issue solution

    Realme x7 max heating issue solution: Are you a realme x7 smartphone user and you are facing heating issue in your realme smartphone and you don’t know what to do and how to solve this problem. Well you don’t have to worry about it hear below i have written some easy solutions, you can try these and this will definitely help you.

    How to fix realme x7 heating issue

    Force reboot your smartphone

    • Press and hold the power button with volume down button for 10 to 15 seconds.
    • When you see the realme logo appertaining on your smartphone screen release these buttons.
    • Now your smartphone will perform force reboot and after it your problem will be solved.

    Limit your background

    Many users doesn’t know about this but when your smartphone has a lot of background apps running on it’s background it consume a lot of battery life and power and this crate heating problem.

    Stop playing games while your smartphone is in charging. We all love to play games in smartphone there is no doubt but while it’s in charging try to avoid it, it gives your smartphone battery and processor pressure.

    Turn off your smartphone auto brightness

    Auto brightness is a cool feature in our smartphone and there is also no doubt that is consume a lot of battery power and smartphone processor requirement is more so if the processor or battery heats up then it will heat the smartphone as well as.

    Disable your smartphone wifi, bluetooth and gps

    The three features wifi, bluetooth and gps are one of the most power consuming apps in your smartphone these always consume a lot of power and battery of your smartphone and if processor will heat up because of it then it can create a lot of problems. I suggest you use all the features only when it is necessary else disable it.

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