Realme x7 max battery drain issue solution

Realme x7 max battery drain issue solution: Are you a realme x7 smartphone user and you are facing battery draining issue in your smartphone. If yes then please read the article this article will definitely help you to solve your problem.

How to fix it


The first thing that you should do to solve your battery draining problem is, clear all your background apps from your smartphone. Many of us doesn’t clear our smartphone background apps and we think that it will not do anything. Well this is totally wrong if multiple apps are running in background of your smartphone then it will also consume power and battery.


Disable your smartphone wifi, bluetooth and location. Most people doesn’t know but these three features wifi, bluetooth and location always consume a lot of power and battery of your smartphone. I recommend you to disable it and turn on it only when it is necessary it will definitely save your smartphone battery.


Stop using animated wallpapers in your smartphone, animated wallpapers always consume a little bit higher battery percent then a normal and regular wallpaper. I recommend you to put a simple wallpaper in your smartphone and if possible you can go for a black wallpaper it will consume very lot battery power.


Factory reset your smartphone, if you haven’t factory reseted your smartphone from a long time then you can just factory reset your smartphone, it will just delete all your unwanted junk, garbage and bug files. It will makes your smartphone processor smooth to run and this will save your battery.


Disable your smartphone auto brightness, the auto brightness feature of our smartphone is very good and useful but that’s also true that it consume a lot of power. Just a disable the auto brightness feature of your smartphone and see the difference it will make in your smartphone battery life.


Change your smartphone battery, if you have just tried thousand of things but none of them has worked for you then the last thing that you can do is change your smartphone battery. Go to any authorised realme store or purchase a original realme x7 battery and replace it with the old one and after it your problem will be solved.

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