Realme 6i heating issue solution

Realme 6i heating issue solution

Realme 6i heating issue solution: Are you a realme 6i smartphone user and you are facing heating issue in your realme 6i smartphone and you don’t know what to do and how to solve this problem. If yes then don’t worry. We are hear for you, we will help you in solving your heating problem through this article. You just have to do is follow all the instructions and steps carefully from starting to end so that you will not miss any step and after it you will easily solve this problem.

How to fix it

Disable your smartphone auto brightness

Many users doesn’t know about this but to perform auto brightness feature our smartphone processor charge a lot power and it just heat your smartphone.

Disable your smartphone wifi, bluetooth and location

Wifi, bluetooth and location are the three most power consumption feature in your smartphone and if your smartphone overload then it will hear. Not just this it will also drain a lot of battery percent in your smartphone. So i recommend you to use all these features only we it is required else keep it turned off.

Don’t use your smartphone when it is in charging

Many users do this mistake, when they put their smartphone in charging in that time they play games on it. I recommend you to avoid doing such type of things not only gaming in other activities also what ever you do.

Give break to your smartphone

Just like we humans need rest after working for hours, similarity our smartphone also need rest. Many users just use their smartphone for hours and hours and they complain that their smartphone is heating. Just give you smartphone rest for a little bit of time and let it to be cool. You can just give break to your smartphone and it will solve your problem.

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