Pixel 4a overheating problem solution

Pixel 4a overheating problem solution

Pixel 4a overheating problem solution: Are you a google pixel 4a smartphone user and you are facing over heating problem in your google pixal 4a smartphone and you don’t know what to do and how to solve this problem. If yes then don’t worry we are hear for you we will help you in solving this problem. You just have to do is read this article properly from starting to end carefully. After doing it i am hundred percent sure that you will solve this problem.

How to fix pixal 4a overheating problem solution


Don’t use your smartphone while it is in charging; now this is the thing that every smartphone user do when your smartphone is in charging let it be sometime. Use it only when it is sufficiently charged.


Avoid multitasking; We can understand how important is multitasking in today’s busy world like we all have that urge to do multiple things at once to save our it. It’s good also but it has a limit and if you are crossing it then you smartphone will heat up. You can do multitasking it’s all ok but don’t just give thousands of work to your smartphone.


Avoid direct sunlight on your smartphone; Some people do this mistake they put their smartphone in places where their smartphone directly exposed with heavy sunlight this will not only heat your smartphone it can damage your smartphone internal components too.


Turn off bluetooth, wifi and sunlight; Most people don’t know about it and they always turn on these there features bluetooth, wifi and sunlight. It’s better turn off these features, you it only it is required. Even you are not using any of the features but these features always run in background of your smartphone, so it’s better to turn off it.


Update your smartphone; If you haven’t updated your smartphone from a long time then update it. In new software there is battery and smartphone heating control features.

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