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Pixel 2 camera not working problem solution

    Pixel 2 camera not working problem solution: If you are using google pixel 2 smartphone and you are facing any camera related issue on it like back camera problem, front camera problem or if you are getting some error message while turning on your smartphone camera. It’s like can’t connect to camera or any other error message. If your answer is yes then this article will very much helpful for you.

    1. Clear cache and data of your camera

    • Go to settings of your pixel 2 smartphone.
    • Then click on app’s and notifications.
    • Click on camera.
    • Then click on storage.
    • Now hear you have to clear the cache and data and after it restart your smartphone and check whether your problem is solved or not if it is solved then good and if’s not then go for the below solution.

    If this trick doesn’t work then follow then follow the second trick.

    2. Force stop your camera

    • Go to settings of smartphone.
    • Then click on app’s and notifications.
    • Then click on camera.
    • Now click on force stop and ok it.

    If this trick also doesn’t solve your problem then follow the third solution which is mentioned below.

    3. Factory reset your smartphone

    If the above 2 trick’s doesn’t work then follow this trick this will fix your issue hundred percent.

    Warning – factory reset will erase all your data of your smartphone so make sure to backup all your important data before proceeding to this step.

    • Go to settings of smartphone.
    • Scroll down and click on backup and reset.
    • Click on factory data reset.
    • Then click on reset phone.
    • Then click on erase everything.
    • Now when your phone will complete this process, check your camera again and you will see it will start working again.

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