Oppo a5s volume down not working problem solution

Oppo a5s volume down not working problem solution: Hii there hello to all my real smartphone users hope you all have a great day. Well today hear in this article we will discuss about how you can solve your oppo a5s smartphone volume down button problem. There are a lot of users who are facing the volume down/ up button not working problem and they are just stucked on it and they don’t know what to do and how to solve this problem.

Sometimes due to water damage or when volume button flex cable break we see the oppo smartphone volume down/ up button not working problem. Well hear below i ha provided some easy steps which you can follow to solve this problem.

How to fix it

  • At first switch off your smartphone.
  • Now open the back panel of your smartphone.
  • Remove the motherboard.
  • Purchase a new flex cable from amazon ( MrSpares Power and Volume Button Flex Cable for Oppo A5s )
  • Now replace it with the old one, Can we repair our old flex cable ya you can but it is always better to replace your flex cable.

We hope now you all have successfully solved your problem through this article if your answer is yes then we are really happy for you and we are proud that our article was helpful for you. Incase if anyone of you face any kind of problem while solving this problem then hear in this case what can you do is. You can just comment below your problem in the comment section and after it our team will definitely try our best to solve your problem.

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