Oppo a12 front camera not working problem solution

Oppo a12 front camera not working problem solution

Oppo a12 front camera not working problem solution: Are you a oppo smartphone user and you are facing front camera problem in your oppo a12 smartphone and your don’t know what to do and how to solve this problem if yes then don’t worry we are hear for you we will help you in solving this front camera problem. Just read the article carefully from starting to end and after it you will easily solve your problem.

Hello to all my oppo smartphone user friends hope you all are doing good in your life. Today hear in this article we are going to discuss about oppo a12 front camera problem which many users are facing. Well it’s very easy to solve you just have to follow some simple solutions and after it your problem will be solved. Hear i have also mentioned some try each and every trick one by one until you fix the problem.

How to fix oppo a12 camera not working problem

1. Switch off your device

If you are facing the camera error issue then the fast thing you should to is simply switch off your smart phone and reset it again. Restarting the device will refresh the phone system.

1. Reset your camera.

  • Turn on your smart phone.
  • Click on settings on camera app.
  • Scroll down tab on Restore to defaults.
  • Press ok.

3. Force stop your camera

  • Turn on your smart phone.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on App Management.
  • Choose Show System Processes.
  • Click on camera.
  • In camera details menu click force stop.

4. Try factory reset

Tried everything but nothing worked for, if you are in this condition you can try factory reset trick to fix your phone camera issue.

Warning – Factory reset will erase all your data’s so be sure to backup all your important data.

  • Go to settings.
  • Tab on general.
  • Click Backup & Reset > Restore factory setting.
  • Choose Reset phone.

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