Oneplus nord battery drain issue solution

Oneplus nord battery drain issue solution: Hello oneplus users we all know how good is the battery life and processor of oneplus smartphones. The main source of attraction of oneplus smartphone are these two, Most of the people prefer oneplus smartphones because of these reason. Well but sometimes problems also happens and in these the battery issue is also one of them.

How to solve oneplus nord battery draining issue

1. Reboot your smartphone

  • Press and hold the power button of your smartphone along with volume up button.
  • When you see the oneplus logo start appearing on your smartphones screen release both the buttons.
  • Now wait and your smartphone will reboot.

2. Disable the location

Go to settings of your smartphone and turn off the location. Believe me not but enabling location all the time it consumes a lot of your smartphone battery. The location service works like everywhere you go it will update the location as per the place and to perform it, It require a lot of battery power what i recommended disable it and use it only when it is requested.

3. Update your smartphone

Now sometimes this happens due to any buggy or glitch update your smartphone starts performing heavy battery draining issue. To solve it just wait and see when a stable update will came in your smartphone at that time update your smartphone your problem will be solved.

4. Factory reset your smartphone

We downloaded thousand of stuffs from internet photos, videos and apps and most of the time we don’t have any idea about those apps. Sometimes these apps take control on your smartphone system and they run ads and these stuffs kill your smartphone battery. If it’s app then also tons of glitch and cache files drain your battery. So i recommended you to factory reset your smartphone once in a year.

Okadtech – Oneplus nord battery drain issue solution

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