Moto x4 battery draining fast problem solution

Moto x4 battery draining fast problem solution

How to fix moto x4 battery draining fast

To fix the issue there some tricks which you have to follow this will fix your battery draining issue and it will increase your battery life.

1.  Disable your wi-fi, bluetooth and gps

Thing’s like wifi, bluetooth and gps consume a lot battery power of your smartphone. Use these apps only when it is needed else always keep it turned off.

2. Change your smartphone wallpaper

If you are using a bright wallpaper in your smartphone then change it to a dark wallpaper it save your battery power.

3. Use lite version of social media apps

Social media apps are battery eater’s these apps consume power two to three times more as compared to other apps. If you will you lite version of these social media apps then they will consume less power and internet of your smartphone.

4. Use battery saver

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on battery.
  • Click on battery saver.
  • Now click turn on now.

5. Factory reset your smartphone

If you haven’t reseted your smartphone from a long time then reset your smartphone. If you have used your smartphone continuously from 1 to 2 years then your smartphone have most probably filled with corrupted files and bug files which need to be cleaned. Factory reset will clean all your bug files and corrupted files and it will help you smartphone to run faster and it also helps your battery.

6. Change your smartphone battery

If you have tried all the tricks but nothing worked for you then this is the last thing that you can do. Mostly people face the battery draining issue because of their battery, if your battery is too old then it’s time to replace it. Generally when battery becomes old it power also decreases and it causes the battery draining issue.

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