Moto g9 power charging problem solution

Moto g9 power charging problem solution: Are you facing charging problem in your moto g9 smartphone and you don’t know what to do and how to solve it. If yes then don’t worry we are here to help you in this problem. Hear we have written some solutions you can check them these will definitely help you.

Check your charging/lighting cable

This is the first thing that every smartphone user should do, if you are using a charging cable from a long time period then it’s time to change it. Most of the time when charging cable became old it charges slow and sometimes it doesn’t work at all also.

Check your power adapter

If you charging cable is all ok then check your power adapter check whether there is any short circuit happened or not. Smell it if it smells like burned then you have to replace your charging adapter to a new one.

Check whether your charging port is blocked or not

If you are using your smartphone from a long time and you haven’t take care of your smartphone properly then there maybe any dart or dusts particle stucked inside your smartphone charging port and this is blocking your charging port.

Take a ear cleaner and gently put it inside your charging port and rotate it slowly, the way it will not damage the charging port. Do it for 2 to 3 minutes and after it your charging port will be cleaned and your problem will be solved.

Check whether your charging port is damaged or not

If your smartphone charging port is damaged due to some reasons then it’s obvious that your smartphone and carry power from your charging cable. I recommend you visit any authorised motorola service center near your locality and show them your problem they will replace your old charging port with a new one and your problem will be solved.

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