Moto g7 power charging port problem, charging problem solution

Moto g7 power charging port problem, charging problem solution: If you are facing charging port issue, charging problem in your moto g7 smartphone then read the article this will help you in solving the problem.

Learn how to fix moto g7 power charging port issue

Change your charging adapter

Change your charging adapter: Check your charging adapter check is it rusted or not, check whether it is burn or not. You can check it by smelling your charging adapter. If any issue is then replaced you charging adapter with a new one you can easily get on from amazon.

Check your lighting cable

If your charging adapter is all ok and then you may have issue in your lighting cable. The average life of a lighting cable is 2 to 3 years if your cable is more older than it then replace it. You can purchase it from your local store or you can buy it from amazon.

Charging port issue

Take a ear cleaner and insert it into your charging port and clean the charging port by rotating the ear cleaner slowly, do it carefully else it may damage your charging port. When this will finished you will see your charging port will be totally cleaned. Many users face the issue just because of the dart and dust which stucked inside the charging port.

Battery issue or charging ic issue

If you have tried everything but nothing worked then there is high chances that you have battery issue or charging ic issue. In this situation i recommend you to please check it in any motorola authorised service center near your locality. So that it will be easy to identify what causing the problem. If it’s due to battery then you have to replace your battery and it it’s due it charging ic then you replace it.

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