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Moto g screen color problem solution

    Moto g screen color problem solution: If you are using a moto g smartphone and you are facing screen color problem then this article will be very much informative for you. Read the whole article carefully from starting to end and follow all the instructions and steps carefully and after it you will be easily able to solve this problem.

    Hello to all my motorola smartphone user friends hope you all have a great day. Today hear in this article we will discuss about how you can solve your motorola smartphone color problem. There are many users there who are facing the problem and they are stucked on it and they don’t know how to solve this problem. Most of the people think that it’s an hardware problem but it’s totally not. It happens because change in settings, sometimes we change our smartphone settings and we don’t know anything about it and in result we face problems. Well you can fix it easily just by correcting the right settings.

    How to fix moto g screen color problem

    • At first turn on your moto g smartphone.
    • Now go to settings of your smartphone.
    • Then click on accessibility.
    • Now scroll down and you will see a option color inversion.
    • Now check if it is turned on then turn off it.

    I hope now you all have successfully solved your moto g screen colour problem through this article. If your answers is yes then congratulations it’s happy to know that your problem is solved. Incase if anyone of you any user is still facing the problem after applying this solution also then hear in this case what you can do is you can just comment below your problem in the comment section and after it our team will definitely try our best to solve your problem.

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