Lg stylo 6 charging port problem solution in easy way

Lg stylo 6 charging port problem solution in easy way

Are you facing charging port problem in your lg stylo 6 smartphone if yes then read the article. Hello to all my lg smartphone user friends hope you all are doing well in your life. Today we will discuss about lg stylo 6 charging port problem. If you are also facing the problem then read the article, this article will help you in fixing this issue.

Why this problem happens

  1. Damaged due water – If you have ever dropped your in water then the water molecules may stucked there in the charging port and this will slow down the charging process.
  2. Unnecessary particles in charging port – Check your charging port if any particles like sand, dust etc.. jammed there then clear it.
  3. Battery issue – If you are using a too old battery then change it, if your battery helth is poor then this can also cause the charging problem.

How to fix lg stylo 6 charging port problem

Before going to the solution please check your smart phone charger and lighting cable first if any of these is faulty then these trick’s doesn’t work.

More than 90 percent of people only face the issue because of their chargeing port. So to fix the charging port problem we have to clean our charging port.

Take a earbud and insert it into your smart phone charging port. After inserting it clean the port by rotating the earbud slowly. After doing it switch off your phone and restart it again it will fix your issue.

Hope this helped lp you in fixing your issue and if this doesn’t then the next thing that you can do is. Check your phone in any authorised lg care near you. If this doesn’t work then you may have to replace your headphone jack and you can do it in service care.

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