Lg k20 plus battery draining fast issue solution

Lg k20 plus battery draining fast issue solution: Hello to all my lg smartphone user friend’s hope you all are doing well. Today we will discuss about battery draining issue that many users are facing in their lg k20 smartphone. If you are also facing the issue and you are irritated in it then read the article this will help you in solving this problem.

Learn how to fix lg k20 plus battery draining fast

1. Wifi, bluetooth and gps

Turn of the wifi, bluetooth and gps when you are not using it, in many cases it found that wifi, bluetooth and gps are the battery eaters of the phone so avid using these features use them only when it is required and make sure to switch them off after using it.

2. Limit your background app’s

Now this is the mistake which every user’s do. If you are running dozens of app’s on phone background then it will not only draining your battery fact, it can also give you heating issues. While you are using the phone keep only 3 to 4 app’s on your background.

3. Update your phone

You can also face the battery draining issue because of poor performance of your phone, when you update your phone it will not only increase your battery health it will also help in your phone performance.

4. Decrease your phone brightness

We all know a beautiful brighter display always look good and it also consume a lot of power. If you decrease your phone brightness and if you use a dark walpaper in your phone then it will save a lot of battery power of your phone.

5. Change your battery

If you have tried every trick and every method to save your battery but nothing has worked for you then it’s the time to change your battery. If your phone battery is too old then it can’t give enough power to your phone and that why it will drain your battery too fast. You can just buy a new battery from amazon: (Original OEM Authentic Battery For LG 2017 K20 Plus K20, K20 V, Harmony, LV532GB BL-46G1F 2700mah) and after it you can replace the old battery to the new one this will fix your battery draining issue hundred percent.

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