Lg g4 bootloop fix, lg g4 bootloop freezer fix

Lg g4 bootloop fix, lg g4 bootloop freezer fix: users hope you all have a good day today this article is made for all our lg g4 smartphone users. Recently i saw some messages where you people are telling me about the lg g4 bootloop issue and you people were asking me for a solution, So me and my team we decided to make a proper article about this issue and how you can solve this issue by your own easily. Hear below we have provided three easy solutions you can just follow then and these will definatly help you in solving this problem.

Why this problem happens

  • Software crash.
  • Battery issue.
  • Motherboard problem.

How to solve lg g4 bootloop problem

Force reboot your smartphone

If you are facing this problem due to any software issue like software ui crash or system error then this trick will help you.

  • At first press and hold the power button of your smartphone along with volume down button for some seconds.
  • Now when you see the lg logo start appearing on your screen at that time release both the buttons.
  • Now your smartphone will start performing force reboot it will take some time but after it your problem will be solved.

Change the battery

There are many users there who are just facing the problem because of their smartphone battery. I suggest you visit amazon and check for a new and original battery and replace it with the old one and after it your problem will be solved.

Motherboard problem

If your problem is due to any motherboard issue then follow the video which is provided below or you can’t do it and you are not a technician then what i suggest you is. You can just visit any authorised service centre near your locality and check your smartphone there they will solve your problem.

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