Iphone x camera not working black screen problem solution

Iphone x camera not working black screen problem solution: Hello to all my iphone x users hope everyone of you is fine well today hear in this article we are going to discuss about camera problem, No matter which type of camera problem you are facing in your smartphone this article will help you in solving any type of camera related problem in your smartphone.

Solution no 1.

Force reboot your smartphone

  • At first press the volume up button then press and hold the power button of your smartphone.
  • Now when the screen became black at that time release both the buttons.
  • Now your smartphone will perform force reboot you have to wait for sometime and after it your smartphone will restart again and you will see your problem will be solved.

Solution no 2.

Update your Iphone

Try to update your iphone to the latest version so that if there will be any bug from apple side then it will be solved.

Expecting everyone of you has successfully solved your problem through this article. If our answer is yes then congratulations to you fol solving this problem and we are also proud that our article was informative for you. incase if any user is there who is still facing the same problem after applying the solution also. Then hear in this case what you can do is. You can just comment below your problem in the comment section and after it our team will definatly help you in solving your problem.

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