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Huawei phone speaker not working problem solution

    Huawei phone speaker not working problem solution

    Huawei phone speaker not working problem solution: We all know the importance of speaker in our smartphone there is no doubt in this thing. The primary thing of our smartphone is to make calls and for doing it our mic and speaker both should work properly. Hello to all my huawei smartphone users. If you are facing

    How to solve huawei p30 pro speaker problem

    • At first take isopropyl alcohol and dip it into a soft brush if you didn’t have any brush then you can take toothbrush also.
    • Now take some isopropyl alcohol in the brush.
    • After it gently clean the speaker of your smartphone.
    • Do it the way it will not damage anything of the speaker.
    • After doing it your speaker problem will be solved.

    What exactly happens is when we are using our smartphone from a long time and we didn’t take care of it properly. We all are surrounded with dirt dust atmosphere so when particles like dirt/ dust or carbon stuck there in our smartphone speaker grills. These stuffs create problem in our speaker and these block the sound of the speaker. So when you properly clean your speaker your 99 percent problem will be solved.

    Hope our written article was helpful for you and this has helped you in solving your huawei p30 pro speaker problem. Incase if you face any problem then just let us know, Just comment below your problem and our team will definatly help you.

    Okadtech – Huawei p30 pro speaker problem solution

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