Honor 20 wifi problem solution

Honor 20 wifi problem solution: Hello to all my honor smartphone user friends hope you all are doing well in your life. Today hear in this article we will discuss about wifi signal problem. Well all know how important is the wifi feature in our smartphone. Like in today’s date most of us don’t like to use our cellular mobile internet we all like to use our home broadband internet or in office we like to use our office broadband connection. If our wifi doesn’t work or if it shows low signal when there is good signal also. People like us we face a lot of problem. Well don’t worry i am hear to help you in this. Read the article carefully hear in this article we have mentioned the easiest and the simplest solution of this problem which you can try and this will definitely help you to solve this problem.

How to fix honor 20 wifi problem

Before going to do anything do these simple things first

Restart your smartphone

This is the first thing that ever users should try, there are a lot of users who are just facing the problem because of some simple software bugs or glitches and it can be easily solved just by restarting the device.

Delete your connected network

Many times this happens when you connect your phone to a network by inputting the password but after sometimes it’s data got corrupted due to some software glitches. To fix the issue you have to delete your connected network and re-enter your password again?

  • Click on your WiFi network.
  • After it click on Forget Network.
  • Now click on your wifi network again and re-enter your wifi password.

If you have done these two things and it doesn’t work then follow the main solution this will definitely solve your problem.

  • Go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Now scroll down and click on advanced settings.
  • Now click on backup and reset.
  • Hear select network settings reset.
  • Click on network settings reset.
  • Click again on network settings reset to confirm.
  • Now restart your smartphone and check your wifi and you will see your problem will be solved.

Okadtech – Honor 20 wifi problem solution

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