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Dr Suresh kashyap, Coordinator of Business School Lpu

    Dr Suresh kashyap Coordinator of Business school Lpu

    In the emerging market of business studies in India, there is something that needs to be innovative. Dr. Suresh Kashyap, Coordinator of the Business School at LPU, is doing it through his research. In recent days, we have seen a high demand for admissions to business studies. Things that existed in our previous eras are no longer present. In earlier days, when it came to the future, we used to hear about becoming a doctor or engineer, but today things are totally different. Students want to be independent. In earlier days, when students completed their graduation, they used to look for jobs, but today our youth think about how to give jobs to five other people. This is the new India.

    With excellent experience spanning 20+ years, Dr. Suresh Kashyap trains students not only to meet industry requirements but also to have the capability to build something. Dr. Suresh Kashyap is not only a teacher who just got into the teaching industry; he also worked in cooperation as a finance specialist. Things like this make him special. If you see most business school teachers, most of them know about teaching but have never implemented it. Dr. Suresh Kashyap teaches his students about this. Before coming to the teaching industry, Dr. Suresh Kashyap experienced the corporate world first so that in his teaching career he could share his real-life experience with his students.

    Dr. Suresh Kashyap has also written several research papers that have helped many industries and local businesses grow. Some of them are: Startups can be a game changer for The Indian economy; Investors’ perceptions regarding improvements in the depository system; foreign investors in India: Challenges and solutions; and several others. It is always great to see some of the greatest minds busy training new minds. The work Dr. Suresh Kashyap has done by teaching thousands of students can’t be measured.

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